ANRPC Company has been keen on providing a safe working environment for the protection of the human element and the preservation of the physical element through the application of occupational health, safety and environmental protection in accordance with international requirements of the management system.

The General Administration of safety and occupational health and environmental protection in the company relies on several axes which are:


safety management and occupational health Department

There are systems for monitoring and inspection programs for all work areas, equipment and facilities to ensure the availability of the conditions and requirements for occupational safety, health and fire prevention.

A SAFETY MANUAL has been issued which is certified by Petro-Safe company.

Safety and environment Inspection team of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and the various oil companies praise the effectiveness of the occupational health, safety and environmental protection system of ANRPC.

ANRPC won the first place among all oil companies in the occupational health, safety and environmental protection from the workforce Directorate.


fire-fighting Department

  1. Alarm system

    The design and implementation of the alarm and fire extinguishing system in the company is established according to the latest regulations and international codes for alarm and fire extinguishing.

    The company’s alarm and fire extinguishing system depends on a main controller panel which operates automatically and linked to different measurement devices in all parts of the operating site ” temperature sensors devices, measuring equipments for various and toxic hydrocarbon gases, sensor-ray machines for infrared and ultraviolet, audio and light alarm fire systems equipments, which relies on Deluge valves and sprinklers which cover all the equipments needed to be protected or cooled in cases of emergency or fire.

    All the existing alarm systems are being updated and improved by the addition of new alarm systems.

  2. Fire System

    Consists of water firefighting tank, 2 reserve tanks, 5 firefighting pumps and network lines covering all areas of the company distributed on it fire hydrants, water and foam canyons , foam storage vessels, fire boxes and fire extinguisher hose reels which are distributed in accordance with the international Code.

    There are two fire trucks 1- fire truck (IVECO) Bull TLF / MOPP1000 , 2- fire truck (Rosen bauer).

    Fire drills are conducted for training firefighters technicians on different scenarios for the development of the firefighters skills in different situations and this is also done by the participation of workers from different departments in these experiments


Environmental Department

An environmental impact assessment is accomplished before the beginning of any project, where the implementation of environmental impact assessment study was done for each of the new CCR project, the production of ammonia project and the new industrial wastewater treatment station just before construction and all the environmental approvals for these projects were obtained.

Environmental measurements are conducted semi-annually by the special equipped car owned by the department of the geographical region (mobile lab).

Environmental Measurements are made through contracts with other approved parties twice during the year.

The renewal of hazardous waste contract and complete disposal of hazardous wastes is done through the department of hazardous wastes in Alexandria governorate

Also the license of handling of hazardous materials and wastes is renewed through this department.

Also the renewal of the disposal of medical waste contract through Nahdet Misr Company for environmental services.


ISO Systems and Auditing for compliance with safety and environmental systems

1- ANRPC has been accredited by Compliance Certificate for the occupational health, safety and environmental protection with honors degree

2- the renewal of the OHSAS18001: 2007 certification through SGS International Company.

3- the renewal of ISO14001: 2004 certification through SGS International Company.
ANRPC is committed to ongoing training systems to the safety, occupational health and environmental protection team to obtain international certifications such as: NEBOH certificate – certificates of various OSHA – Foam Training School Certificate -Fire Marshal certificate – NASP -OHSAS certificate 18001: 2007 – ISO14001: 2004.