• S.R.N : ANRPC receives about 1545,000 tons per year of naphtha which processed BY company units to produce gasoline and other side products.

Products resulted from company units


The company is one of the largest companies in the production of various grades of unleaded gasoline (92-95), free from additives which are delivered to the local market.
The annual company production of unleaded gasoline (92-95) is about 1340,000 tons

Benzole extract from light Ref.

Extracted by E-LAB company from reformate produced by ANRPC
The annual company production of Benzole is about 35,000 tons, this quantity exported to world market.


Delivered to local market with annual company production of about 41,000 tons.


Used by AMOC & ELAB Companies, The annual company production of is about 12,000 tons

From 1/7/2018 till 30/6/2019

Product Planned Amount (thousand tons)
Gasoline 92 643
Gasoline 95 697
Benzole 35
LPG 41
Hydrogen 12
Heavy Naphtha (export) 72
Total 1500
Heavy Naphtha Export:
  • ANRPC was supported by EGPC acceptance for exporting the produced quantity of sweet heavy Naphtha to the international market.
  • ANRPC already exported 2 cargoes of (sweet heavy Naphtha) with a total quantity of about  50,000 tons / year in 2017-2018
  •  the exporting process for sweet heavy NAPHTHA is stopped at august 2018 due to  completion of construction of plat forming CCR unit, which will have the greatest impact in doubling the company’s production and local market coverage of gasoline (92-95)