Exporting Heavy Naphta

  • The company exports Heavy Naphta produced from the NAPHTA Hydro Treating unit with a total quantity estimated at about 200,000 tons / year.
  • ANRPC was supported by EGPC acceptance for exporting the produced quantity of sweet heavy Naphta to the international market according to the international prices for Naphta + premium.
  • ANRPC already exported the first cargo of (S.H.N) Sweet Heavy Naphta From 22 to 25 October 2013 with quantity 26980.815 M / Ton
  • Also the exporting process for sweet heavy NAPHTA will remain until completion the construction of platforming CCR unit, which will have the greatest impact in doubling the company’s production and local market coverage of gasoline (92-95) to exceed 85% of the Local production with the development needs of the market.